William J. O’Connor


Mr. O’Connor began his municipal bond career in 1960 with the Wall Street Company of R.W. Ellwood. From 1961-65, Mr. O’Connor worked for J.J. Kenny, the largest municipal bond broker on Wall Street. From 1966-83, Mr. O’Connor was employed in Los Angeles by Shearson/American Express and its predecessors, and became the Manager of Shearson West Coast Municipal Bond Department in 1976. He founded, and has been President and C.E.O. of, an independent investment banking company specializing in Municipal Finance since May of 1983.

Mr. O’Connor has been responsible for pricing, underwriting and distribution of more than 1 1/2 billion dollars in mortgage revenue bonds and more than $5 billion of various types of municipal bonds. Mr. O’Connor has underwritten more mortgage revenue bonds in California than any other individual. He has also structured numerous lease revenue; assessment district, Mello-Roos and Tax Allocation bond issues, as well as Certificates of Participation.

Mr. O’Connor was elected to the Board of Directors of the Public Securities Association (Western Division) in 1981. He completed his three year term as Chairman of the Board in 1983. He continues to serve on the Public Securities Association’s National Legislative Committee. He was elected to the Business Conduct Committee of the NASD in 1984 and in 1986 served as Co-Chairman of that Board.

Jon White

Senior Vice President

Mr. White has been a public finance banker for 26 years, concentrating within the State of California. Prior to his eight years with Chilton & Associates, Mr. White worked with other major bond firms covering a wide range of school district, city and redevelopment issues.

Mr. White has worked on over $8 billion of tax-exempt financing structures including general obligation bonds, certificates of participation, Mello-Roos bonds, assessment district bonds, tax allocation bonds, revenue bonds, tax and revenue anticipation notes and a variety of short-term notes. Mr. White has extensive experience with variable rate structures. His experience includes the whole range of municipalities, with an emphasis on school districts, cities and redevelopment agencies. Mr. White is an expert on refundings and has worked on advance, current and variable interest period refunding structures.

Mr. White is a member of the California Society of Municipal Finance Officers, the League of California Cities, California Redevelopment Association and Coalition for Adequate Housing.

Mr. White received his BA degree in economics from University of California at Santa Barbara (1983) and received his MBA degree, with an emphasis in finance, from the University of California at Los Angeles (1991).